Syn-bios spa on tannery international n° 6/2022 august | pg 136 | Syn-Bios SpA

Syn-bios spa on tannery international n° 6/2022 august | pg 136 | Syn-Bios SpA




    SYN-BIOS SPA, sustainability as a shared goal for both chemical manufacturers and tanneries

    The driving force behind SYN-BIOS SPA’s success has always been the combination of quality, innovation and environmental protection to offer high-performance and safe products to the tanning industry.
    Daniele Gastaldello, president as well as founder of the Montebello Vicentino-based company, now at the head of the group along with his eldest son Enrico, has been constantly promoting these values from the start, making them the company’s vision and mission.
    For more than 30 years now, the company has combined the production and supply of established successful products with a continuous proposal of innovative solutions, complying with every mandatory regulation and increasingly restrictive private specifications.
    SYN-BIOS SPA has implemented an integrated Quality and Environment management system, certifying it according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and, with a view on constant improvement, in September 2021, obtained certification to ZDHC Level 3 (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), in full compliance with MRSL v.2.0. (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), which provides a list of restricted substances that must be eliminated or otherwise restricted during the production chain.
    The innovation of the implementation of the ZDHC program in the management system lies precisely in the desire to reduce the chemical footprint of the products with the control of every raw material, every production procedure and any discharge into the environment.
    The final goal is to approach tanneries as the ideal partner when it comes to using sustainable products and enabling the production of items that are free of hazardous substances both in their manufacture and in their offer to the customer.
    What is believed is that the investment in terms of money and time that such a chemical management system entailed can be recognized by customers in the supply of a range of products that is significantly superior in quality and performance.
    The road to get to this position began in the early 1990s when the use of solvent-based products was predominant in the Chiampo Valley. SYN-BIOS SPA was the first Italian company in the industry to promote the use of water-based formulations as an alternative to solvent-based products, thus making them obsolete, by independently formulating its own range of water-based fixatives.
    Since then, consistent efforts to find products that do not impact the environment have led to the development of water-dispersed pigments that can be used at all stages of leather processing, ultimately culminating in the proposal of water-based inks for drum dyeing and finishing, as a replacement for the conventional anilines.
    Competitiveness and innovation have always been the primary goal to be pursued in order to offer customers new opportunities: this is why the Gastaldello family company allocates a significant number of human, technological and economic resources to research and field experimentation.
    This ongoing research has led to a decrease in leakage and waste throughout the lifecycle of the products and services offered by the company. By the same approach, the company advises its customers, through Safety Data Sheets, how to manage products from handling, to application and disposal/recovery to reduce potential impacts throughout the lifecycle.
    SYN-BIOS SPA values environmental protection as an integral part of its corporate mission, a core belief to be promoted not only in words, but to be regarded as the gateway to a better future.