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Nitrocellulosic lacquers

  • FIT® 4015

    Nitrocellulose varnish with medium viscosity and plastification. Used as final fixative owing to its excellent resistance to dry and wet rubbing, confer...

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  • FIT® 4016

    Colourless, highly concentrated plasticized nitrocellulose emulsion. Possesses ample versatility, since it can be used in water as well as in an organic...

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  • FIT® 4095

    Nitrocellulose varnish in solvent , very glossy. Its brightness is more like a casein than a normal lacquer and it has gentle and warm touch. Neverthel...

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  • FIT® 4097

    Nitrocellulose varnish in solvent of medium plastification and viscosity. Used as final fixative for its excellent rubbing resistance, it gives to leath...

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  • FIT® 4002

    Solvent lacquer particulary matt with low reglass to ironing and with smooth touch. To use by itself or with a different organic solvent lacquer of our ...

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  • FIT® 4009

    Solvent lacquer half-matt which confers to the leather medium degree of matt and a soft\smooth touch. It can be use by itself or in combination with our...

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  • FIT® 4028

    Nitrocellulose varnish in solvent, of medium viscosity and plastification. It is harder than our FIT® 4015, and will form a glossy film with a pleasan...

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