Syn-Bios SpA | Chemical products for tanning industry, Ink for leather




Eco-efficiency: safe and environmentally friendly products, serving tanning industry

Focus on research and innovation, promoting  environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes and products, are values that characterise Syn-Bios S.p.A. since its establishment.

We set ourselves the objective of promoting continuous improvement of the environmental impact of the firm's activities, through investment in modern technologies in terms of chemicals utilisation, monitoring of emissions, reduction of waste production, focused use of resources.

The founder, sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability, can be considered as a pioneer in designing water-based products in place of solvent-based, at the time traditionally and universally used in leather industry: he concretely believed  in an eco-friendly alternative over-running any other company, making Syn-Bios SpA the first Italy-based manufacturer to create its own range of water-based top coats.