Syn-Bios SpA | Ink for leather, Chemical products for tanning industry




Passion for leather and technical expertise of its features have been the driving forces to become a leading player as a an entrepeneur and manufacturer and not just as a salesman. This is the challenge that the founder Daniele Gastaldello accepted in the late '80s: with the establishment of a plant for the manufacturing of chemicals for leather tanning industry  in the industrial town of Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, Veneto, Northeast Italy in 1988, Mr. Gastaldello laid the foundations for a family business that initially began in the leather district of Arzignano, and then grew rapidly to include the major tanning centres worldwide. In 1994 the company successfully completed the total move to the new and current corporate headquarters located in Montebello Vicentino.


Syn-Bios S.p.A. is an Italy-based family-owned company: since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of chemicals principally for leather tanning industry.

Syn-Bios provides extremely broad ranges of high-performance products as well as customised services through integrated solutions in order to meet daily the various demands of leather manufacturing industries.

Our whole activities are focused on meeting the requirements from markets worldwide proposing cutting edge solutions in line with customer qualitative and ecological needs.

Nowadays Syn-Bios is a reference brand within domestic and overseas markets in leather chemicals, with worldwide sales and agencies in multiple countries, well recognised for consistent field research and innovation activities.