Syn-bios launches the new nir technology - Chimica conciaria | Syn-Bios SpA

Syn-bios launches the new nir technology - Chimica conciaria | Syn-Bios SpA


SYN-BIOS launches the new NIR TECHNOLOGY

  • SYN-BIOS launches the new NIR TECHNOLOGY



    SYN-BIOS SpA announces the development of a new series of pigments specifically designed and recommended for the automotive sector, called "NIR TECHNOLOGY": these pigments have been developed on the basis of a technology of reflection of the solar spectrum in the near-infrared region (Near InfraRed, hence "NIR"). The company describes the special feature of this new pigment range as follows: "Normally, dark pigments absorb the solar radiation and consequently heat up much more than light colors, which reflect up to 90 percent of the sun's light energy and therefore remain cooler. The sun's radiation has a broad spectrum of wavelengths, including the near-infrared (NIR) region, which is invisible to the human eye and is responsible for the temperature increase when exposed to sunlight. Light energy is in fact absorbed by dark surfaces in a more significant manner than lighter ones, and is therefore transformed into greater thermal energy. Products pigmented with NIR TECHNOLOGY colors, even the darkest ones do not absorb near infrared radiation, but rather reflect them, with the consequence that they do not heat up as is the case with surfaces made with a normal non-IR reflective pigment. This results into a temperature difference that is reduced by up to 20°C. In addition to this peculiar feature, the colors, with high yield and coverage, have been selected and studied in order to guarantee the maximum resistance to light fastness tests, migration to PVC and heat stability, as required in the manufacturing of car components", explains Dr. Giulia Fontana, technical director of the Montebello Vicentino based chemical company. The NIR TECHNOLOGY series is also fully compliant with MRSL v.2.0. of ZDHC and certified at Level 3, as tangible proof of the commitment of SYN-BIOS SpA to formulate products that do not affect the environment and human health, adhering to and fully sharing the principles of the "Roadmap to Zero" program. Back in September 2021 SYN-BIOS SpA has indeed successfully obtained the ZDHC Level 3 certification on more than 600 products, as recognition that the company shares the foundation's vision of building a more sustainable supply chain to protect workers, consumers and our ecosystem.

    - from ARSUTORIA N° 2, 2022, 'Focus on AUTOMOTIVE'-