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Politica de la empresa

SYN-BIOS pledges to invest in innovation for continuous process improvement, to pursue and maintain a prominent spot in the market, to obtain Customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, and to meet mandatory legislative requirements and international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, guidelines and MRSL of ZDHC).

SYN-BIOS is fully committed to:

֎ gain specific knowledge of Customers' needs through constant and direct communication with them;

֎ understanding how our sector is developing in order to stay ahead of the curve, offering products that ensure safe usage, and to reach toward zero discharge of hazardous substances;

֎ be innovators within our market while also safeguarding and protecting human and environmental health by implementing best practices of sustainable chemical management throughout the value chain;

֎ provide a safe working environment that ensures the well-being of workers (by preventing occupational injuries and illnesses, involving employees and representatives in the eradication and reduction of risks, developing a health and safety training program);

֎ minimize, when technically possible and economically viable, any local and global environmental footprint related to our services and products, considering the entire life cycle (reducing waste, using renewable resources for energy production and using packaging made of recycled materials);

֎ constantly be mindful that our Clients' success runs concurrently with our own.


To accomplish this, the sales department delves into the specific needs of each Customer during the contact phase in order to best advise them, guiding them through our wide range of products and/or proposing customized solutions for specific and particular needs, helping to raise awareness and sensitivity in regards to sustainability.


The production/organizational department focuses every activity on the needs of the Customer in order to satisfy them in the best and most expeditious way, so as to establish a leading position in the market by ensuring product and service excellence, while maintaining constant concern to its relevant environmental aspects.


The R&D department strives to develop innovative products, always in compliance with all the requirements mandated by current legislative provisions and ZDHC's guidelines for the elimination of hazardous substances, so that the safety and health of consumers and the preservation of the environment are constantly ensured, with a special focus on the product life cycle.


As a company, we’ve incorporated the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System with ZDHC's guidelines as a means of fulfilling business objectives, meeting commitments, promoting continuous process improvement, and ensuring compliance with mandatory requirements for products offered.


We first analyze the context in which the company operates, so as to identify the needs and expectations of relevant players and preemptively assess risks and opportunities regarding performance in terms of Health and Safety, Environment and Quality.


Through the recurring review of our integrated system, we will verify the actions from previous revisions, internal and external changes, resources suitability, effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities, communications from parties concerned, relevant environmental aspects, and opportunities for continuous improvement, in order to achieve our targeted goals.


Lastly, we ensure that the company policy is periodically updated, understood and implemented at all levels of the organization, and is available to parties external to the company who may be of assistance in the achievement of the goals contained therein.





El Sistema de Gestión para la Calidad de Syn-Bios S.p.A. está certificado según los requisitos previstos por la normativa UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.



El Sistema de Gestión Medioambiental de Syn-Bios S.p.A. está certificado según los requisitos previstos por la normativa UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.


  • ZDHC Road Map to Zero


Syn-Bios S.p.A. chemicals are certified by Eurofins,  

Supporting Level 3 Conformance to the ZDHC MRSL Version 3.1

Chapter 1: Leather